リアルバイカーのために作ったセミダブルライダース。 レザーは柔らかく強度のあるクローム鞣しのステアハイドを使用。

Material : 国内ステアハイド / クローム鞣し

  • Size : M(46)・L(48)・XL(50)
  • Color : BLACK
  • Price : 145,000yen + Tax
  • Protector Price : 7,400yen + Tax(1set=肩・肘・背中)
  • Made in Japan

This piece corresponds well to the forward leaning posture. It has excellent compatibility with vintage, naked motor bikes. Because you can attach special protectors (shoulder, elbow, back), you can enjoy safe, and comfortable riding. If you do not wear it with the protectors, you can simply use it as stylish town wear.

※Adjustable around your mid-section to body shape, and riding style with a zip cord.
※Protectors can be used with this. (for elbow, shoulder, back: Price: 7,400yen + Tax)

Japanese Steer Hide with chrome tanning

The leather has first been tanned with chrome and is carefully selected for its high surface quality.Then oil is added during dyeing process to obtain a soft oiled leather. Soft, smooth, and strong, the resulting leather is very comfortable to wear.

Made in Japan